The BS of my MS

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis April 11, 2006. It was a fairly quick diagnosis and there are days/weeks I can mostly ignore it. For those days I can't, this blog documents my journey.

Friday, February 26, 2010


No idea even where to begin. The home health nurse called today, since technically, I do qualify for them to come into my home to give me steroids since I was told I could not drive, due to my right leg's stiffness and weakness. We then decided that it might be more economically advantageous to try to get a ride to the hospital to get the steroids. So, I called my friend, who has been all too generous during this time, and asked her if she could give me a ride. I was going to try to get it at a doctor's office, because then the cost would be $30, versus meeting my deductible then 20% of the costs.

Then, I talk to B and he says his new insurance is taking effect on March 1. So, all of the insurance research done has been for nothing, because that insurance no longer applies. *sigh* This new insurance is a lot crappier. I go from having a $250 deductible to $1000 deductible. My out of pocket maximum went from $2000 to $4000. And there is a clause in my insurance details now for "infusion therapy" saying I must first meet my deductible ($1000), then it's 80/20. If I have to pay 20% of $8000 (which is what is billed for the medicine/supplies), I am left owing $1600 each time. I just don't have that. With my previous insurance, as long as I had it done at the doctor's office, I paid $30. Period.

Well, the nurse says I can't even get my steroids because I am sick with an upper respiratory infection or something of that nature. Steroids lower your immune system, thus making it harder to fight things off, meaning it's not wise to get steroids when already sick. She said to call my PCP, get antibiotics, get well, and then call her about steroids.

The nurse was very nice and understanding to my feeling utterly overwhelmed. She encouraged me to relax because stress would just wear me down more and is not good for MS.

I know there are options with drug companies for help, but they take time and energy and paperwork, etc. I just feel like I don't have the time or energy to deal with this. I hate all of the hoops you have to jump through when you are sick to make things work out.


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