The BS of my MS

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis April 11, 2006. It was a fairly quick diagnosis and there are days/weeks I can mostly ignore it. For those days I can't, this blog documents my journey.

Monday, December 17, 2007

I haven't updated in forever. Things are going pretty well, though. Since stopping Tysabri due to insurance reasons (which is STILL under appeals, since May), I am back on it. Even better is that I have new insurance--group coverage--and I pay only $30 for each visit to the doctor. That is WAY better than 20% of $4,668.03! :) I have had three infusions so far. The place I get my infusion--an oncologist's office--is very nice. I sit in a room with a recliner. The nurses are friendly, and I get a lot of reading done. I can't complain.

I've been having some pain lately. Yesterday I woke up and felt crappy, both with a cold and weirdly sensitive spots on my body, ranging from my scalp to my earlobes, to the tops of my arms. I also have been having L'Hermittes Sign for the past month or so, but my neuro doesn't seem concerned.

The thing is, while Tysabri's not a miracle drug, I was under the impression I shouldn't be having any new symptoms. Who knows?!?

Well, that's an update on my end. Nothing exciting, but thought I would post in case anyone checks this anymore.

Happy holidays, everyone!